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Here we have a review, one of many from the website Reddit. This is from the group called Keto: The Home for Ketogenic Diets which has many positive comments about the Ketogenic diet. Check it out!


•Posted by u/Winnardairshows 1 month ago

Keto literally saved my life.

I started Keto and IF, October 2019. I lost over 100 lbs and felt great for a year. Then, around thanksgiving, I was losing my breath couldn’t function and my lungs were giving up. They treated me for pneumonia for 3 weeks to no avail, nothing helped. Because of Covid, they would only give me virtual video appointments, nobody could listen to my heart, which was the real problem. Seems I had heart failure, and they figured that out when I drove myself to the ER. I was literally GREY. I was so pale. After a CT scan and angioplasty, they found the problem. I was born with a birth defect that caused my aortic valve to become brittle. My surgeon said out of 1500 valves he’s done, I was the worst! I told the doctor I had recently lost 100 lbs and he stated I wouldn’t have lived past last Spring, and I was too large to get the operation. Just a lucky coincidence that I started the diet. Keto saved my life folks, and I owe it all to you on this sub for helping me out. Thank you!!!


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Another posted in the subreddit for all your before/after pictures of your Keto Progress

Which has 21.3k people involved with it.


Keto progress

Progress pics of weight loss through Keto


r/ketoprogress - Keto progress

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Posted by u/nascar2121

There is proof right there that this diet, which turns out to be a lifestyle change turns out to be nothing but for the better! If you would like to view more comments like these than please go and take a look for yourself!

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